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Vivacity Mall in Jaipur provides numerous options, from shops that provide value-for-money clothing to luxury fashion outlets with quirky boutiques, to elegant showrooms all in one place. It is among the top malls in Jaipur it’s also a well-known dining spot. Its multifarious dining options, famous restaurants, and up-market cafes have been delighting food connoisseurs for the last decade, offering tastes of India and beyond. We can’t miss out on VivaCity Mall when talking about the best shopping malls in Jaipur.

It is committed to making a mark in the retail industry in India and offers a great shopping experience for its customers.

Why Invest In a Shop ?

There are many reasons you should consider investing in commercial property when one is seeking an investment opportunity for a second time; principally because unlike residential properties the shop is able to be rented immediately. The rents of a shop are significantly higher than residential property, meaning that you’ll make more money from an establishment than a home that is the same size.In contrast to residential properties that have high maintenance requirements and require support from tenants,a shop has much less in terms of maintenance hassle. If a business owner leases the shop for rent the decor and interiors tend to be done according to the retailer’s preference. The owner’s role for the care and maintenance of the interior is significantly lower in the case of shops.

Shops will always be in demand and organized retail in India will continue to expand for time to come, feel market experts. Consider market experts. The purchasing habits of young urban Indian illustrate how retail will remain thriving in cities. A shop in a prime location will always be in high demand, and the profits on investment will last for a long time. Shops are therefore an excellent source of income that is passive for the long term.

Mall Amenities: Roof Top Cafe. Hyper Mart, Anchor Store , 4 Screen Multiplex, Food Court , Game Zone, Hotels.Banquet, Disc, Pub, Lounge, Jaipur Bazar (Mini Shops, Kiosks)

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